Updated August 22, 2016

Operation Grow is an Alabama Cooperative Extension System Program that introduces veterans to a viable, logical, therapeutic and lucrative employment opportunity....agriculture.  Through many discussions with various groups, it has become apparent that many veterans are interested in becoming involved in small scale agriculture, but the roadmap is not a clear one. 
Operation Grow introduces veterans and their families to the many areas of small scale agriculture such as vegetable production, fruit production, ornamental production, ornamental management.  The program helps veterans make clear, sound decisions of whether agriculture is really a good fit for them. 
Throughout the seven week course, veterans will learn about many areas of small scale agriculture and some of the things that are required to be successful.  Additional information can be found by going to www.agitc.org/operation-grow or contacting Chris Becker, cmb0034@aces.edu 256-275-2172.