Commercial Greenhouse Extension 

Floriculture Crop Information

Alabama Extension: Greenhouse Production of Boston Ferns

by Raymond Kessler, Auburn University

Plant Growth Regulators

Selecting and Using Plant Growth Regulators on Floriculture Crops

A great reference by Joyce Latimer, Extension Specialist at Virginia Tech and Brian Whipker, Extension Specialist at North Carolina State University



Greenhouse Fertilizer Injectors: Selection, Maintenance, and Calibration

by Raymond Kessler, Auburn University


Pour Through and Leachate Monitoring Information from NCSU

an excellent resource for leach monitoring of floriculture crops

Volumetric Injector Test Procedure by Dosatron USA

a procedure to determine what your actual injector ratio 

GreenhousePest Management 

Greenhouse Vegetable Production

Mississippi State Greenhouse Tomato Handbook

The most comprehensive resource for growing greenhouse tomatoes in the Southeast