Commercial Greenhouse Extension

Greenhouse with floriculture crops on benches.

Floriculture Crop Information

Alabama Extension: Greenhouse Production of Boston Ferns

by Raymond Kessler, Auburn University

Plant Growth Regulators

Selecting and Using Plant Growth Regulators on Floriculture Crops

A great reference by Joyce Latimer, Extension Specialist at Virginia Tech and Brian Whipker, Extension Specialist at North Carolina State University



Greenhouse Fertilizer Injectors: Selection, Maintenance, and Calibration

by Raymond Kessler, Auburn University


Pour Through and Leachate Monitoring Information from NCSU

an excellent resource for leach monitoring of floriculture crops

Volumetric Injector Calculators by Dosatron USA

a reference for working with your injector

GreenhousePest Management 

Greenhouse Vegetable Production

Mississippi State Greenhouse Tomato Handbook

The most comprehensive resource for growing greenhouse tomatoes in the Southeast