Alabama Extension Resources

IPM Program Impacts

These videos provide summary of Alabama Vegetable IPM Project impacts on small farms. Thank you to all producers who provided feedback and testimonials to support this project.

Cowpea Curculio Management


    Cowpea curculio in Alabama: Lessons from the field (part-1) - (

Cole Crops IPM

    Managing Yellowmargined Leaf Beetle in Crucifer Crops (eOrganic webinar, Dec. 9, 2015)  (

    Trap Crop for Yellowmargined Leaf Beetle Management (eOrganic webinar, Dec. 2, 2014)  (

    Crucifer Insect Pest Management Tips for Gardeners (TV Interview, Simply Southern, September 2015) (

Greenhouse IPM 101

    Basic Insect Pest Scouting Methods (

Net House Production

   High Tunnel Pest Exclusion (HTPE) System - Producer Experience (SARE On-farm Project Video 2015) (

   Net House Vegetable Production: Successes and Challenges (

   How to Build a Net House for Insect Pest Exclusion (

   Low-cost Net Houses for Community Gardens and Urban Farms (

Trap Crop System for Squash Pests

    Hubbard Trap Crop (Part-1): Cucumber Beetle Management (

    Hubbard Trap Crop (Part-2): Squash Bug and Vine Borer Control (

Trap Crop System for Leaffooted Bugs

    Principles of Trap Cropping (

    Mixed Trap Cropping System (

    How to Plant and Manage Summer Trap Crop (

Biorational Insecticides

    Botanical Insecticides for Vegetable Production (

Program Impact Videos:

    Commmercial Horticulture Team Impact - 2015 (

    SARE Program Video (Alabama IPM) - 2015 (

    Project Impact Video - 2015 (


    Project Impact Video - 2014 (