2019 All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar Series

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Please join us for this webinar series for information you can use about good and bad insects.  We used your feedback to bring topics that you suggested.  We will discuss troublesome insects such as fire ants and landscape pests as well as other animals like arachnids and bats!  Remember, the majority of insects are not pests.  Let's talk about the good guys too and a wealth of other topics.  Webinars will be on the first Friday of each month at 2 p.m. Eastern time.  Click on the title for more information.

FEBRUARY 1, 2019

Open Question and Answer Session
Presented by Dr. Tm DavisUGA ExtensionJanet HurleyTexas A&M AgriLife ExtensionVicky BertagnolliClemson Extension


MARCH 1, 2019

emerald ash borerEmerald Ash Borer
Lynne Womack, Georgia Forestry Commission


APRIL 5, 2019

garter snakeSnakes - Identification and Environmental Importance
Presented by TBA


MAY 3, 2019

eastern subterranean termite, termiteIns and Outs of Termite Treatments
Presented by Wizzie BrownTexas A&M Agrilife Extension


JUNE 7, 2019

bat, Eastern red bat, ipm, urban pestsBatty for Bats!
Presented by Janet HurleyTexas A&M Agrilife Extension


AUGUST 2, 2019

caterpillar, Eastern tent caterpillar, ant pests, urban pestsGMOS and Their Effect on Insect Populations
Presented by Dr. Rudy Pacumbaba, Alabama Extension



ant pests, urban pests, ipm, fire antOuch! Red Imported Fire Ants in the Landscape
Presented by Dr. Tim DavisUGA Extension


OCTOBER 4, 2019

euonymus scale, ipm, Scale Insects on Ornamental Plants
Presented by Dr. Jeremy PickensAlabama Extension


NOVEMBER 1, 2019

spider, wolf spider, ant pestSpiders Commonly Found in Houses
Presented by Vicky BertagnolliClemson Extension


DECEMBER 6, 2019

woodpecker, red-cockaded woodpecker, ant pestsReintroduction of the Red-cockaded Woodpecker
Presented by Mark Pavlosky Jr., MPJ Wildlife Consulting, LLC




Download the flyer for the entire 2019 All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar Series: pdf  


The 2019 Webinars are brought to you by the Ant Pests and Urban IPM eXtension Communities of Practice; and by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, the University of Georgia ExtensionTexas A&M AgriLife Extension and Clemson Cooperative Extension.  Series Coordinator: Dani Carroll, Auburn University.  Marketing: Amanda Tedrow, University of Georgia Extension.  Webinar Text Chat Moderators: Tim Davis, University of Georgia Extension, and Vicky Bertagnolli-Heller, Clemson Cooperative Extension.

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